Most of you know I am a Google Trusted Independent Photographer, I work for Tie The Knot Photos, CIDMAP, and have recently been recognized for my achievements within the San Antonio Photography community. 2014 is a very exciting year. I debated on keeping this page up or not, but I now have an opportunity to train Wedding Photographers locally and some of them through internship from a few schools I network with.

Every once in a while I get a Bride looking for something laid back, "Without the bells and whistles" one said. Well this is perfect. If you're looking for something simple, basic, and you just want images on DVD with Printing rights, this may work perfectly for you. You can also order professional prints directly from this page, or take DVD and print elsewhere on your own time and pace.

Of course I would be shooting your wedding the whole time with as much effort and detail as usual, but I will have 1 or 2 additional hands on deck for training. Sometimes they'll be assisting me with lighting, and sometimes even as a 2nd shooter.

Its $224/hr to shoot your wedding. For example:

A 6hr wedding is $1344 which includes the extra time to color correct and balance your photos for print, and includes a print release granting you unlimited rights to print photos at your own time and convenience.

Its simple for me, fun, and I get to train some nice folks and get them started on their careers, heck maybe even work for me.

If you're interested please contact me and see if your date is available.


If you're looking for a full wedding package with all the bells and whistles, I recommend which is the company I now freelance for. Premium Quality Products, they have everything covered and the time to go over every detail. Everything is handled professionally and I enjoy being a part of it!

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