I want to find the perfect couple and tell their story through the eyes of a photo-journalist. What better way to do that than to put up another great contest? I want to donate 2 whole days of photography capturing both an engagement and a wedding celebration.


How great would it be to spend a whole day of fun celebrating your engagement, by visiting all your favorite spots, favorite bars, wearing all your favorite clothes and having a photo-journalist capturing all those breath-taking moments you never realized you created together on an everyday basis. I KNOW, ITS CRAZY RIGHT?

See, no worries about silly posing, smiling for the camera, what am I going to wear for the photos, NO just wear what you would visiting those sites, or climb a mountain in a suit, it don't matter cause I will be there along the way, and I need the exercise :-(

This story is about you, who you are and what you do when your not around your friends making them sick from all the love and joy you have for each other.

And now you can make them sick with new Facebook photos leading into your wedding day!


The wedding day is here, you've gone a whole life planning the perfect event, the perfect destination, the perfect cake, the perfect MAN. YES! He is perfect because you've worked hard with finding the right dress, booking that expensive venue, the shoes, the decorations, getting your nails done, picking the right colors, making sure both parents can make it, the catering, the lighting, and hosing off those smelly nephews, SO HE'S GONNA BE PERFECT!!


Ahh where was I? Oh I was right there with you getting ready for your wedding day and you didn't even know it. Ok that was kinda creepy, not there why you are getting dressed, we will stage that! I'm up as early as you are, camera in hand, photographing every detail, the bridesmaids, the groomsmen, the kids in the hall, mom and dad! I'm just taking it all in, the beauty, the moments, the kitchen guy making out with the event planner....long story! I'll be there for everything!

Groom nervously waiting....


Tearing up as he sees you walking down that aisle....

That last step before you tie the knot!



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 I don't make the moments! YOU DO! I'm just a story teller, and I want to tell yours! Go to my FACEBOOK and post a video on my wall telling us about you, and why your story needs to be told. (you'll have to record it on YouTube or even your Facebook then post the link on my wall) If you know a couple who brings joy to your lives and you just adore them so much, I want to hear from them.

By Valentines Day I will pick 1 couple and I will donate 2 days of photography. One for their engagement celebration, and the other capturing the whole wedding day from the eyes of a photo-journalist.

PLEASE NOTE! Contest includes 2 full days of photography and digital images as well as online photo gallery for everyone to see. Depending on location you may have to help me get there, and I know you'll feed me plenty :-)

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