Thank you for considering us for private or group lessons. We teach you how to use your camera, so you can capture images the way you visualize them in your head. This is not a standard photography class. We teach by giving you hands on training right away. We get students who have been through several photography schools including college, only to find out how overwhelming it is. Photography School is designed for controlled situations, and taught by Professors without the experience of Wedding Photography, outdoor portraits, and poorly lit venues . I am self taught with 25 years of experience. I help you learn what the camera can do in a quick, simple and fun way to play with your DSLR, training YOUR CAMERA to shoot your way! All of my students leave the 1st 2hr lesson comfortable shooting in Manual Mode. Some of them have already started their careers taking in clients.

Group Lessons are $40 for a 2hr Hands on class.

Private one on one lessons are $80 for a 2hr lesson at your pace.

Please come to 1 or as many as needed til you are comfortable. Some only need the 1 lesson, and some come every 2 weeks to ask questions about situations they have come across!

If you are looking to shoot Cookie cutter Standard style, this is not a class for you.

If you want to be creative and find the Artist in you, that's what we are here for. I wont tell you how to shoot, i will show you what your camera can do, your the painter!


Different types of Shooting Natural Light or with studio lights.

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